Simplified shopping

It is said that to truly master a skill you must spend 10.000 hours developing it. If you do that you will become among the best. If this concept is true and you really need to spend that much time on something to become an expert, you might want to consider how you can spend your time more wisely.

At Fiasgo we strive to make sure you don’t waste your time. It is our mission, vision, and passion to make the purchase of consumer goods not only easier but also much more approachable, reliable and understandable. Buying a new television, computer or other devices can take hours of research just to understand the basic functionalities that are covered in technical terms not suitable for mere mortals to fully grasp.

So why spend hours on research with confusing high-tech terms and conflicting or even misleading advice in a hopeless attempt to make the best decision on what to buy, when there is a better way?

Let us do to research for you.

Tech without the tech jargon

We have created a platform that eliminates hardcore tech savvy terms and requirements from the process of finding the product that matches your specific needs, requirements and budget. We are using layman terms to understand your needs and translate those into highly specific requirements, so you don’t have to. Based on your requirements for what you are looking to buy we present you with a handful of products that our algorithms find to best suit your needs. We only display and work with companies that are certified. Don't worry about being scammed or phished as we are very cautious as to what retailers are used.

Language should never be a barrier in making the right purchase decision. That is why we want to enable tech shopping without the tech jargon. We even work on adding more languages each month, to make sure that language is never an obstacle for finding your next purchase.

Free of charge and unbiased

Our service is free of charge


The retailers of the products we suggest give us a percentage of their sales. This amount is NOT added to your product prices. Neither do we accept money to promote specific products. We have no incentive to sell you a certain product, only to help you find what suits your needs best. We see you, our user, as our customer - not the corporations and retailers that sell the products. We have your back!

If you have any questions, concerns, ideas or general feedback please don't hesitate to contact us here