Fiasgo works with affiliates from all over the world. It is our mission to gather the largest selection of consumer electronics to benefit the customers by making their purchasing smoother. They can buy with more confidence and expect better results for the products they purchase, as their needs have been screened and matched with technical specifications of what they are looking to buy.

In brief: We offer a level of customer-service and understanding that e-commerce has deprived the customers from, compared to brick and mortar stores.

We bring customer service into e-commerce in a way not seen done anywhere else. By understanding the consumer’s needs, we can optimize and speed up the process through which a consumer is converted from a potential buyer to an actual customer. Through the expertise and guidance given by our platform the consumer’s purchase confidence will be higher resulting in a lower return rate and higher customer satisfaction.

It’s a win-win-win, for both the customer and yourself as well as ourselves.

Data from the affiliates:

We pride ourselves in having the most up to date data. What we don’t get from our affiliate networks, we gather from the retailers themselves. To make sure that we have the correct data at all times we crawl websites in order to assure the most correct information on products, prices, pictures etc. We do this in a quick, simple and safe manner. We only scrape information we need to optimize the actual sale of the products.

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